About Merchant Rewards

Accept Credit Cards

Over 29 million merchants worldwide accept credit cards for payment. Sadly, cardholders receive rewards for spending, but merchants don’t receive rewards for accepting credit cards. Until Now… Businesses that accept credit cards can now automagically receive a 1% rebate in Reward Dollars for every Visa and MasterCard sale (1% up to $50,000 per month in processing & 1/2 of 1% thereafter).

Receive Reward Dollars

Reward Dollars are posted automatically to your Merchant Rewards account the beginning of each month. You can spend your Reward Dollars immediately, or save and accumulate Reward Dollars to use for large purchases.

Spend Reward Dollars

The Merchants Reward online marketplace has a vast array of exciting products, services travel and media. Enrolled merchants can use the Reward Dollars they earn to help grow their businesses. Take advantage of personalized online concierge services to find specific products or services, or to discover the many ways Reward Dollars can be used.

Merchants can spend Reward Dollars just like cash to reduce corporate travel expenses, take a well deserved vacation, advertise to promote their business or print new brochures…

Merchants will find a brilliant array of products and services available for purchase with Reward Dollars via email notifications, at checkout on online stores, and in the online marketplace. Or, get online personal assistance from one of the specialists on our member success team.